I am a member in good standing of:
Weimaraner Club of America (WCA)
Mile High Weimaraner Club (MHWC)

The MHWC does a lot of Weimaraner Rescue, as well as to promote conformation, field trials, and hunting. If you live in this area, and would like info about the club whether it be donating, looking for a Weimaraner, or heaven forbid, you need to give one up, then please contact the club by going to the above web site for more information. MHWC  Thank You! The WCA is for all round general information.

I now need to put in here a special shout out to my friend and breeder Amy Fast and her mom LaRita for giving me such a wonderful companion in Ashleigh. I hope to work closely with them for years to come as they help me learn about breeding, so we can perfect and improve upon the Weimaraner breed. Ashleigh had puppies in 2012. She has her championship and all her health clearances done. Here is the link to Amy’s website for more info on our dogs: Foxfire Weimaraners.

Even with Stokes retired, I still want to continue to put out a big thank you, and loads of appreciation to my handlers, and friends, Randy & Judy Pasbrig for all the years of hard work and devotion with helping me to get Stokes to his championship. Both Randy and Judy are registered AKC professional handlers who have been showing dogs for over twenty years. Together they are an awesome team, and they took Stokes to a level I could never have imagined. Way to go guys! Boxers, and now Boston Terriers are their breed of choice. If you are interested in having your dog(s) professionally handled for show, or are interested in the Boxer or Boston breed, please check out their website at: Dusty Road Boxers.


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